Key Stage 3 - Mathematics
                            KEY STAGE 3 MATHEMATICS
                       The course is based on the requirements of the UK National Curriculum and takes into account the demands of the Spanish system.
                       In Years 7 and 8 the emphasis is on understanding and confidently using different forms of calculating with numbers while being
                       introduced to algebra, statistics and data handling, shape and space.  In Year 9 the basics are periodically checked and most of the work has as objective to give students a sound foundation for the IGCSE course. 

Practising mental arithmetic and learning tricks to improve a student’s ability to make those number connections is important.  Therefore in Years 7 and 8 we use a class set of basic calculators only when necessary.   We encourage students to share mental tricks and improve their level.  In Year 9, with the introduction of basic trigonometry and in view to start their preparation for the IGCSE course, students get acquainted with a scientific calculator.

The emphasis on homework is on quality rather than quantity.  Often homework will consist of finishing off class work, preparing for the following topic or practising for a test.  If students work hard in class and use homework time to reinforce their learning, then revision before evaluations should not be excessive.

Students will receive a mark on their assessment profile every 3 weeks in Years 7/8/9.  This will reflect the progress made by the student over that time.  Most of the time, the evaluation will consist of small assessments done in class.  Students will always be clearly told beforehand on what they will be assessed.  At the end of each term there is a term evaluation which tests the material learnt during the term.  A student’s end of term mark is weighted so that the term’s marks are worth 70% and the end of term evaluation is worth 30%.  Although a 50% is a pass mark, students should be aiming for at least a 65%.

In Year 7 and 8 students do all their work in red exercise books.  At the beginning of each topic students are given a summary highlighting the most important parts of that topic.  In Year 9, students use an A4 folder system.  They keep their notes and work on each topic in a separate plastic folder that they put in their mathematics ring binder at the end of each topic.

Every year, Years 6 to 11 students from St. Anne’s participate in the Concurso Primavera de matemáticas.  This is a mathematical competition organised by the Comunidad de Madrid and takes place in Mathematics Faculty at the Complutense University in Madrid.  It intends to encourage students to answer mathematics problems in a different way to problems seen in class and to stimulate a student’s interest in mathematics.  Although it is not competitive, St Anne’s students have achieved excellent results.

Year 7
Perimeter and Area
Statistics and Data Handling
Directed Numbers
Decimals and Number System
Expressions and Formulae
Angles and Lines
Fractions and Percentages
Factors, Multiples and Powers
2D and 3D shapes
Linear Equations

Year 8
Numbers and Indices
Factors and Multiples
Angles and Constructions
Fractions and Percentages
Expressions, Formulae and Equations
Sets and Venn Diagrams
Distance, Area and Volume
Ratio and Proportion
Handling Data

Year 9
Indices and Standard Form
Rounding and Limits of Accuracy
Linear and Quadratics Expressions
Linear Equations and Inequalities
Algebraic Fractions
Pythagoras Theorem
Angles and Polygons
Simultaneous Equations
Percentages and Finance
Graphs of Linear Functions
Coordinate Geometry
Quadratic Equations
Ratio, Proportion and Variation
Similarity and Congruence

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