Key Stage 3 - Music

                             Year 7 Topics
                         Autumn Term
                         Project 1 On the way
                         Melody and song
Project 2 The Music of Java and Bali
              Different textures

Spring Term
Project 3 Major and minor
              Recognising moods
Project 4 Working with chords
               Song accompaniments

Summer Term
Project 5 Voices in layers
              Vocal harmony
Project 6 Ragtime music
                Roots of modern music

Year 8 Topics
Autumn Term
Project 1 Chords
              Chordal effects
Project 2 Using chords in songs
              Accompaniment styles

Spring Term
Project 3 Rondos and recurring structures
              Simple musical structures
Project 4 Time signatures
              Identifying time signatures

Summer Term
Project 5 Textures and timbres in the music of Japan
              Unfamiliar sounds
Project 6 Baroque concerto
              The beginnings of classical music

Year 9 Topics
Autumn Term
Project 1 Irregular time signatures
              Effects of 5 and 7 time
Project 2 Ground bass variations
              Ancient and modern uses

Spring Term
Project 3 Vocal chants
              Using the voice
Project 4 Samba Batucada
              Percussion textures

Summer Term
Project 5 What is a motif
              Musical figures
Project 6 Gospel
              The roots of modern
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