Key Stage 3 - Science
                        Science is a diverse and exciting subject which helps pupils to explore and understand the world around them.
                        Here at St Anne’s School, pupils follow the current National Curriculum Guidelines for Science at Key stage 3,
                        which places importance on the process of science as well as the accumulation of knowledge.
                        The course is divided into topics and the skills of science are taught alongside the teaching material. Emphasis is placed on the skills of discussing, hypothesising, planning, experimenting, recording, presenting, interpreting, applying and evaluating. Pupils are encouraged to take part in practical work by being given the opportunity to design and carry out their own investigations and the aim is to learn whilst having fun.

All pupils have the opportunity to:
· Build on their scientific knowledge and understanding from Key stage 2 and make connections between different areas of science
· Use scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and events
· Think about the advantages and drawbacks of scientific technological developments for the environment and in other contexts, considering the reasons for different opinions
· Carry out investigations of different types, on their own and in groups, making use of reference sources and evaluating their work

Year 7
Cells and organisation
The skeletal and muscular systems
Relationships in an ecosystem
Nature of matter
Pure and impure substances
Solar system
Electricity and static

Nutrition and digestion
Gas exchange and respiration
Atoms and elements
Rock cycle
Heating and cooling

Year 9
IGCSE introduction
Chemical reactions
Carbon cycle Introduction to IGCSE
Energy and electricity
Physical changes
Introduction to IGCSE

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