Key Stage 4 - Art
                              GCSE in Art and Design (Fine Art)
                         Fine art may be defined as work which is produced as an outcome of students’ personal experiences, rather than that which is
                         created exclusively for a practical function or that which is the outcome of a tightly prescribed brief.

Work produced for this qualification will demonstrate the use of formal elements and creative skills, and give form to individual thoughts,
feelings, observations and ideas. Students will show evidence of trying to extend their own and others’ ways of seeing the world. They will use the language of the subject sensitively and thoughtfully to support their intentions.

In the context of this specification, disciplines will include painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture and alternative media.
For this endorsement, students will need to work in at least one discipline for the GCSE Short Course and at least two disciplines for the GCSE.

Painting and drawing

Students will be expected to develop knowledge and understanding of:
•• some of the following qualities - plasticity, opacity, translucence, malleability and transparency of the media
•• form, tone, texture and shape
•• the different purposes of mark-making
•• the relationships between hues, tints, tones and value
•• the use of a range of tools and surfaces such as brushes, knives, sponges, fingers and rags, papers, card, canvas
•• some of the following materials - graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, soft pastel, aquarelle, charcoal, ink, chalk, conté crayon, paint and dyes
••work in one of the following - figurative, representational, abstract
•• contextual connections between their work and the work of others, extracting and using meaningful information
•• technical skills in an appropriate range of media.
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