Key Stage 4 - Business Studies
                                    Business Studies is a skills-based subject which tests the students’ ability to use their own knowledge of the business world.


                  Students will develop an understanding of the role and purpose of business activity in the public and private sectors, and the importance of innovation and change. They will learn how the major types of business organisation are set up, financed and operated and how their activities are regulated. The factors that influence business decisions, activities and outputs will also be considered.

Students will be encouraged to understand the working world and the essential values of co-operation and interdependence. It is hoped that the Business Studies course will prepare them to meet the world of work with confidence and awareness.

Students do not need to have any prior knowledge of Business Studies to take this course. However, it is important that they have a strong interest in learning how a business operates, plans and makes its decisions.

Assessment summary
Students will be entered for the following papers:
  Paper 1 (1 ¾ hours)
A paper containing short-answer questions and structured/data response question
Paper 2 (1 ¾ hours) Students will be presented with a business situation or problem, and will be required to answer questions arising from it.
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