Key Stage 4 - Physical Education
                          St. Anne’s School in Key Stage 4 we offer the option of both core PE and IGCSE PE.
                          The core PE curriculum is designed to allow those who do not opt to take the IGCSE course the opportunity to continue to perform,
                          evaluate and analyse through variety of different physical activities.

Assessment: Pupils are assessed  continually against National Standards.Also pupil self assessment is common practice in many of the activities.  Information on progress is provided to both pupils and parents on a regular basis through Assessment Profiles
The activities offered in Year 10 & 11  are:
Basketball, Cross Country, Badminton,  Gymnastics, Athletics, Football, Uni-Hoc, Volleyball , Rounders , Fitness
Pupils may choose to follow the IGCSE Physical in which they will not only develop their ability physically across a wide range of sports, but also to deepen their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the concepts involved in physical activity.
The syllabus is in 3 sections:
Section 1 - Practical Performance in four activities. (50%)
Section 2 - Theoretical Exam (40%)
Section 2 - Analysis and Improvement in ONE of the four activities. (10%)
Candidates will be able to:
· develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of physical education through selected practical activities
· develop their knowledge and understanding of the different factors that affect participation and performance and demonstrate their relationship
· understand the role of rules and conventions in selected activities
· promote their understanding of the health benefits and risks associated with taking part in physical activity
· develop the skills necessary to analyse and improve performance
A full mock exam in year 11
Homework assignments
Periodic testing, short answer questions.
Practical Performance examination (live / video)
The type of assessment will vary between topics, but wherever possible the assessments will seek to relate theory to practice and practice to theory. 
The activities we offer for practical are as follows:
Basketball, Cross Country, Dance, Fitness,  Athletics,  Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming.
All pupils are encouraged to participate and improve in activities outside school as they may use them for their final assessment at the end of the course.

International Schools Events
In addition to the Inter-House Tournaments, pupils can also represent St. Anne’s School and compete against other International Schools of Madrid.
Regular competitions are organised for every activity at varying venues in and around the city.

St. Anne’s School Events
Sports Day
The Inter-House Athletics competition takes place at the athletics stadium at San Sebastian de los Reyes.
It is an all day event in which parents are invited to attend. Each pupil from nursery to bachillerato has to participate in at least one activity. Every point gained goes towards an overall House winner.
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