Key Stage 4 - Religion
                         The Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) in Religious Studies
                          This qualification enables students to:
                              • Acquire knowledge and develop understanding of religious beliefs, values and traditions, through the study of one (namely
                                Christianity) or more of the six major world religions.

• Acquire knowledge and develop understanding of key religious ideas which are not specific to any one religion, and of non-religious beliefs and values.
• Consider the influence of religious beliefs, values and traditions and of non-religious beliefs and values.
• Consider religious and non-religious responses to ethical issues.
• Identify, investigate and respond to fundamental questions of life raised by religion and human experience, including questions about the meaning and purpose of life.
• Develop skills relevant to the study of religion.

In Year 10

Beliefs and Values

Section 1: The Universe, Creation and the Place of Human Beings

• The universe and the Place of Human Beings
• Human nature and the human condition
• Selfishness, greed, ignorance and sin
• Free will, determinism and predestination
• Ultimate Reality
• Belief, Uncertainty and Unbelief
• The Problem of Evil and Suffering

Section 2: Life and Death

• Death and life after death
• The Meaning and Purpose of Life
• Sanctity of life, Abortion and Euthanasia
• Human relationships
• Marriage and partnership
• Divorce and remarriage
• Family structures and responsibilities
• Childlessness and celibacy

Section 3: Peace and Conflict

• Conflict and War
• Peace, Reconciliation and Forgiveness
• Bullying
• Sin and Crime
• Punishment
• Capital Punishment

Section 4: Rights, Equality and Social Justice

• Human Rights
• Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities
• The Multi-Ethnic Society and Racial Harmony
• The Multi-Faith Society and Interfaith Relationships
• Relationships between Rich and Poor.

In Year 11

The Religious Community

Section 1: Origins and their Impact on the Community
• Religious texts and sources of authority
• Founders and leaders

Section 2: Celebration and Pilgrimage
• Festivals and Celebration
• Places of Pilgrimage

Section 3: Worship and Practice
• Places of Worship
• Forms of Worship

At the end of Year 11 students complete
• Paper 1: Beliefs and Values
• Paper 2: The Religious Community
Overview of assessment:
Paper 1 examination lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Paper 2 examination lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes

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